Vodafone releases Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Red Bull Ring limited edition

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus got a new variant as Vodafone launched a limited edition Red Bull Ring variant of this duo. The name of this edition came after the name of the Austrian Grand Prix track. This limited edition offers optional cases with unique features, and it’s mainly focused on F1 fans in the Netherlands.

This new edition comes in a bundle that includes a branded box and a special Red Bull Ring case. The case that comes with it features in-built NFC, When the user put this case on Galaxy S9, it’ll swaps home screen to a Red Bull theme that features beautiful images of its F1 cars and racetracks, new app icons, and AOD customization.

Vodafone offers Galaxy S9 Plus at €30.69 down and €55 a month for 6 GB of data and unlimited calling and messaging. The Galaxy S9 priced at €54.69 down and €48 a month. This limited edition exclusive on Vodafone Netherlands and available till 27 of April.


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