Trade war between South Korea and Japan disrupts Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 production

Samsung is planning to announce its flagship Galaxy Note 10 in the second half of August, but it seems to have difficulties due to the impact of the prolonged trade row between South Korea and Japan.

Because of this reason, tech giant Samsung Electronics is slowing down chip production for its next flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10.

According to the report, Note 10’s production has been reduced by about 10%, but Samsung expects production to increase again next month to reach the desired level.

Samsung declined to confirm, but market watchers said the latest trade feud may have forced the tech giant to adjust the manufacturing timeline as it fears running out of chemical products currently being restricted by the Japanese government — fluorinated polyimide, hydrogen fluoride and resists, which are considered essential to the manufacturing process of chips and displays.

The Note 10 smartphone is scheduled to be unveiled on Aug. 7 at Samsung’s annual unpacked event in New York, and is expected to hit stores from Aug. 23 in the US and Korea. Samsung will also release the Note 10 version powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, but this version is limited to country markets including the US. Exynos version based Note 10 will be available in major markets around the world, including Europe.

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