SmartThings WiFi added new parental controls and security features

Samsung has made changes in its SmartThings Wifi that now offers some new parental controls and security features to help manage activity on the network including online to content filters per device. This will allow users to encourage their children to explore the internet in a safe and educational way.

These new functionalities for SmartThings Wifi, added through the Plume app that allows users to create profiles, filter content, block ads and enable enhanced security.

The company said, this Plume software update will provide Wi-Fi roaming performance enhancements and Wired Backhaul support, for faster speeds and better streaming handover with stable network connection.

Also, Plume in partnership with Samsung will regularly update the SmartThings Wifi for most up to dated features and enhancements.

SmartThings Wifi users can access these new controls and features by updating the SmartThings and Plume app to version 2.2.1 in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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