New render of Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone

Earlier investors reported that the brand new phone is likely to have a 7.3-inch OLED display that folds inside, adding that the production could start from as early as November before its official launch in December or early next year.

LetsGoDigital, a Netherlands-based tech news site, recently unveiled new rendering images (below) of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone based on the latest news reports and rumors.

Samsung's Foldable Display

The smartphone with fold-in design has a bendable curvature of 1R whereas the model with fold-out design has a curvature of 5R. This suggests that both the foldable phones can be folded like a paper. Previous reports have suggested that such phones may not feature glass panel, but it may feature polymer OLED.

“Samsung attracted more clients to the private meeting compared to last year. The phone development seems to be almost finished, raising expectations for the phone launch,” said another source. The company has reportedly finished the development and is now raising expectations for the launch. It is likely that the company may unveil it at the end of the year or in early 2019.


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