Samsung’s new Family Hub Refrigerator is all about AI and connected Living

Today, Samsung unveiled its new Family Hub Refrigerator mainly focused on the connected living and Artificial Intelligence technologies to bring consumers a connected kitchen.

This new refrigerator comes with the new Bixby. So users can ask Bixby for their Morning Brief while getting breakfast ready for the kids so they know all of their daily essentials like the weather and top news.

Bixby’s Voice ID technology can store different users voices and can work according to the voice of an individual person and personalizations. With Bixby in this refrigerator, users can do search internet, call for services and due to its integration with SmartThings, users can see and control home devices right away from the refrigerator screen and by voice with Bixby.

The new display placed on the front door works as a digital bulletin board, and can be used to stick notes, photos and even doodle right on the screen.

Also, users can share photos, messages and memories on their fridge, and are able to customize their photos with different photo styles, add handwritten notes and stickers, and even change the background color to match their kitchen.

Now, we’ve talked about the new features and it’s time to come on its actual features and let’s make it a refrigerator for few moments instead of smartphone or TV.

Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator comes with a meal planner which customizes recipes based on food preferences, dietary needs and the items in the fridge.

Samsung said it will expand the Family Hub platform across more models to meet the needs of all consumers. This new Family Hub will be featured at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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