Samsung unveiled the smallest ever 75-inch micro-LED TV at CES 2019

Today, at CES 2019, Samsung has unveiled new screen sizes for this year’s micro-LED TVs along with other shapes and configurations of this modular Micro LED display technology.

At last year’s CES, Samsung introduced the first Micro LED TV ‘The Wall’ with 146-inch display and in this year the company unveiled the world’s smallest 75-inch micro-LED screen and a jumbo 219-inch version.

“Because the size and spacing of the ‘micro LED’ decreases as the screen size gets smaller, the 75-inch new product adopts advanced technology that achieves a 4x or higher integration level compared to the existing 146-inch ‘The Wall'” said Samsung.

The company said that this is a compact LED device that is about 15 times smaller than conventional LEDs and provides better picture quality. This new model is believed to emerge as perfect home entertainment, which wasn’t possible with the earlier version.

It comes with default 4K resolution with AI upscaling feature that allows users to watch content at any resolution with screen quality optimized for the screen size, brightness up to 2,000 knit and enhanced with new Ambient Mode features.

This product also has a new ‘Wall Mode’, an improved ‘Magic Screen’ function, which allows users to set up a theme that is decorated with pictures, pictures or various wall materials you want to add and can be shown while the screen is not in use.

The company defines ‘Micro LED’ as ‘Size Free’, ‘Ratio Free’, ‘Resolution Free’, ‘Bezel-Free’ and ‘Future Display without the Four Constraints’.

In addition, this micro-LED technology has been ‘modular’ and can be installed in various sizes and shapes according to the purpose and space, also won the Best Innovation Award at CES 2019 for its innovative technology that eliminates various restrictions on the screen.

“We will continue to open a world where screens are centered on Samsung’s unique image quality, semiconductor, and AI technology.” We hope that consumers will enjoy more experience and value through screens in the AI era.” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung.

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