Samsung shows how ‘Connected Driving’ really works [Video]

It seems like Samsung’s investment boost in Artificial Intelligence has been paying off and the company is embedding the growing trend of the industry in its every possible product including its connected driving vision ‘Digital Cockpit’.

Samsung, at CES 2019, unveiled new Digital Cockpit based on its Cellular-Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technology and packed with AI and IoT combination, which brings next-level of automotive safety solution and assistance necessary for safer and entertaining driving.

Today, through computer-generated simulation of this new technology, Samsung showed how it can be used into various kinds of vehicles in the near future.

The company prompted that the C-V2X works via the vehicle’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and connects the car to its surroundings and provides real-time information about unexpected variables and potential threats beyond the driver’s line of sight, thus offering up exciting possibilities for safety when driving,” it added.

Even this is the best possible technology for the driving system it will take some time to implement these features on the traffic system as well as in the surrounding so the sensors in the vehicle can clearly detect what’s coming next.

Also, the main factor of this vision is its data transmission rates which need to at the maximum amount of bandwidth speed and only possibly through 5G networks but overall, this is an interesting subject to see in motion in the future.

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