Samsung plans to establish new AI Centers in Germany and Switzerland

Samsung is continuously boosting its investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and harnessing AI power for its device ecosystem. Now, to achieve the next level of AI technologies the company is planning to expand its AI research centers across new countries.

Samsung is planning to launch new AI Research and Development Centers in Germany and Switzerland by this year, which will add more capability in the company’s ambition towards AI.

“Samsung will open additional AI centers this year to attract more AI experts, and the places under consideration include Switzerland and Germany,” a Samsung official told The Korea Herald.

“We are having difficulty in scouting AI talent because not many experts are left at school,” the official said, with the majority of them already taken by competitors like Google and Amazon.

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Samsung currently has Seven AI R&D centers around the globe including South Korea, Britain, and Russia, two in the United States and two in Canada. With the addition Germany and Switzerland, the number will reach out to ‘9’.

With each of these centers reportedly aims to acquire at least 100 experts, while some of it can hire more than 100 to reach the company’s plan to appoint 1000 AI specialists by 2020.

The source told that Samsung could also consider Poland as a home for AI, according to the executive. Currently, researchers at Samsung’s research institute in Poland are contributing to improving AI platform Bixby, although it is not an AI-focused organization.

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