Samsung ‘Metal 12’ Magnesium Alloy Also Possible For Future Samsung Devices


Samsung‘s new magnesium alloy ‘Metal 12’ will be used in the future for smartphones and wearable. With its standard building and durable quality, it could bring a new touch to Samsung smartphones and other devices.

Samsung filed a trademark for the term Metal 12 and the filing suggests that this durable material may also be used for future smartphones and smartwatches.

Recently Samsung has launched the renewed Notebook 9 (2018), made from ‘Metal 12’. This is a strong but light magnesium-aluminum alloy.

Samsung Notebook 9

The Notebook 9 (2018) recently unveiled by Samsung is light. This is mainly because the housing of ‘Metal 12’ is made. This is a proprietary magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is strong, but also relatively light. Just before the weekend, Samsung has made an application to protect the brand name ‘Metal 12’.

“Metal 12” trademark.

Samsung’s Metal 12 Trademark Info

The application submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office – shows that the material is not only intended for laptops. Smart products and tablets also appear in the list of products targeted, as well as ‘smartphones in the shape of a watch’, ‘wearable computer peripherals’, and other devices and accessories.

We will see Galaxy S9 With Metal 12?

So it seems that we can find the light Metal 12 in Galaxy and Gear products in the future. Yet not sure about the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 – will soon have a magnesium case. Rumors about a future Galaxy smartphone with a magnesium case have been around for years. So once there was already a magnesium Galaxy S7.

In any case, Samsung is administratively prepared for a Galaxy of Metal 12 – whether this will happen in 2018 or not.

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