Samsung joined up with Red Bull to launch a new promotional video

On Tuesday, Samsung has joined up with global energy drink brand Red Bull to launch a new promotional video for its premium QLED TVs.

Samsung said it has invited Brazilian skateboarder Pedro Barros for the new marketing campaign under the theme “See the Bigger Picture.” The company said it plans to promote the capabilities of its QLED TVs by showcasing the extreme sports video.

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“Available in ultra large screen model sizes that range from 65 to 88 inches, the QLED TV can express the most immersive and lifelike picture quality on the market today, capturing every color and movement with pristine clarity,” the company said.

“As we continue to grow our QLED TV lineup, our partnerships with brands like Red Bull will play an essential role in providing consumers with thrilling content optimized for premium TV viewing,” it added

The new business promotion video will be delivered through QLED TVs at its retail stores starting next month, as reported by Yonhap News Agency.

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