Samsung introduces new display driver IC for 8K TVs

Samsung has just announced that it has developed an advanced Display Driver IC (DDI) capable of delivering high-quality resolution in premium 8K TVs and can deliver intra-panel data transfer speed at up to 4-gigabit-per-second (Gbps).

The South Korean tech giant said its new DDI (S6CT93P) runs on Samsung’s Unified Standard Interface for TV (USI-T) 2.0 that doubles the rate compared to USI-T 1.03’s speed of 2 Gbps.

Also, The higher data transfer capability enhances the performance of displays and reduces unnecessary components, making it more compatible with slim bezel-less TVs with display sizes 65-inches and above.

“The 8K DDI’s advanced performance at 4Gbps intra-panel interface speed minimizes the added clutter around the display panel that offers more freedom in premium 8K TV designs,” said the company.

The new interface also supports a smart equalizer (EQ) feature that utilizes two-way channels between the timing controller (TCON) and individual DDIs.

Samsung said the 8K DDI samples as well as licensing for the USI-T 2.0 intra-panel interface are currently available.

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