Samsung introduces Linux on DeX, a complete workstation for on the go developer

Samsung DeX is a powerful platform that can convert your Galaxy device into a PC-like experience and now with the ‘Linux on DeX’ app this platform is getting a new step up to carry more possibility inside it.

Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. Typically, Linux is packaged in a form known as a Linux distribution (or distro for short) for both desktop and server use. Which will now be accessible with Samsung DeX.

The company said this combination of Samsung DeX and the Linux on DeX app supports a development environment that will make it even easier for developers to code on the go.

What is Samsung Dex, how to connect it with Galaxy Note 9 and compatible devices

Linux on DeX also supports external development tools and packages, which can be used via simply connecting user’s Galaxy device to a monitor using just an HDMI adapter and instantly enjoy a fuller computing experience with flexibility.

Samsung will provide a modified version of Ubuntu(based on Linux OS) for Linux on DeX users and working further with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, to enhance and provide the best experience on the app.

Note: The Linux on DeX beta is currently available to Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 users running Android Oreo and above.

How it works:

Here is how it works. You need to install the Linux on DeX app on your device, once the app is installed a secure container will be created and you can add an Ubuntu Linux image on the container to run it.

When will it be available and how to register for ‘Linux on DeX’ beta:

Linux on DeX will be available as a private beta beginning on November 12. Users who are interested in joining the beta program may register here starting on November 7.

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