Samsung introduces 8K Digital Signage at ISE 2019, will also launch 292-inch version of the Wall

Samsung has many different sizes of LED signages, some of them are a kind of landmark in the area where they’re installed, and today at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 introduced its first-ever QLED 8K signage, as well as its new micro-LED the Wall and Multi-Link LED HDR technology for signage.

Samsung installed Korea’s Largest LED Signage at COEX

Before you dive below, we just want you to know what the AI Upscaling feature really is:

The AI Upscaling is powered by ‘Quantum Processor 8K’ that detects the source of the content whether it’s coming from a streaming service, set-top box, HMI, USB or even mobile mirroring, it auto upscales the content to fit in 8K quality.

Samsung unveiled its first 8K QLED TV at IFA 2018, comes with 8K Resolution and 8K AI Upscaling

QLED 8K Signage featuring AI Upscaling:

At the event, Samsung will present its new 82-inch QLED 8K Signage, which comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) upscaling technology. These signages come in a slim design that can be installed easily on portrait or landscape mode featuring a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels.

Samsung said this QLED TV is designed to be as a counterpart for 8K TV and creates enhanced black color presentation through dimming and Quantum Light Control. The display also features HDR10+ along with high brightness, color volume, and rich picture quality.

292-inch The Wall 8K:

At CES Samsung introduced 75 and 219-inch version of this micro-LED but in the first half of this year, Samsung will launch a 292 version of the Wall display in 8K resolution globally.

Samsung introduces 8K and MicroLED TV Technology at QLED & Advanced Displays Summit

“The Wall is a large-format modular display ideal for luxury residences as well as for the business purpose, configurable and customizable to a variety of sizes and ratios from 73 to 292 sizes” said the company.

Multi-Link LED HDR technology:

Samsung said it will introduce Multi-Link LED HDR, the industry’s first 8K LED HDR technology. Using Samsung’s proprietary algorithm and scene analysis, Multi-Link LED HDR turns any content into HDR quality, without special meta-data.

The Multi-Link LED HDR delivers live content with lower latency through an optimal live mode. It helps eliminate cable clutter of other displays with a 100-meter (330 foot) LAN cable.

The Multi 8K Frame Lock function embedded in Multi-Link LED, integrators do not require a separate device to sync content presented on 8K displays. Multi-Link LED HDR supports all Samsung SMART LED Signage products and is also compatible with The Wall Professional and the IFJ Series.

OMN/OMN-D Series – Semi-outdoor Signage:

Samsung also has plans to introduce new semi-outdoor OMN/OMN-D series globally this year in 46 and 55-inch display solution for business featuring a good picture quality, colors, and brightness packed in a slim design.

The ODM-D series is double-sided and can be used for store-front and indoor display, it features Wi-Fi, one electric power cord and one LAN cable to reduce clutter and increase power efficiency.

Moreover, both of these displays have dust-proof IP5X-validation and three-step overheat protection for durable performance, along with their own embedded solution, MagicINFO S6 powered by Tizen 4.0 for streamlined content management.

These displays are optimized for a wide range of retail businesses from quick-service restaurants to department stores and more.

In addition to these displays, Samsung will also be introducing the new QMR and QBR series 4K displays that feature five models – 43’’ to 75” in size, an intelligent upscaling engine, and IPX5 dust-proof validation, embedded with KNOX security solution and Wi-Fi for wireless management.

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