Samsung introduced image sensor for Hole-in-display, Notch and Telephoto solutions

Samsung has announced its smallest high-resolution image sensor, ISOCELL Slim 3T2. This new image processor provides 20-megapixel (Mp) resolution for both front and rear side cameras and designed to support the latest low bezel displays.

According to Samsung, the SOCELL Slim 3T2 is its first to support 20 million pixels in 1/3.4 inch small sensor. It is packed with Samsung’s ISOCELL Plus technology that enables sensors to capture and absorb more light information for accurate color reproduction even with sub-micrometer-sized pixels.

The Slim 3T2 supports latest display types such as ‘hole-in-display’ or notch design, and to do this the company has reduced the size of the front camera module and made it capable of capturing high-quality images.

It also has the Tetracell technology, merges four pixels to work as one and allow users to shoot bright images even in the dark environment.

While using in the rear-facing camera it can work telephoto solution, which reduces the height of the tele-camera module by around 7% compared to a 20Mp image sensor. With the 10x digital zoom, the resolution of 3T2 is 60% improved compared to a 13Mp sensor with the same module height.

Samsung said the ISOCELL Slim 3T2 is expected to be in mass production in the first quarter of this year.

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