Samsung showcased latest semiconductor and display solutions at AI forum China

On November 15, Samsung held an Artificial Intelligence (AI) forum in China, unveiling its latest achievements in semiconductor and display technologies to Chinese business partners.

Samsung said, the Event held under the Device Solution (DS) division of Samsung, attended by about 500 tech leaders of major Chinese IT firms, including Baidu, Xiaomi, Hikvision and other AI-related start-up companies in China.

Samsung introduced memory solution solutions such as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) 2 dynamic random access memory (DRAM), which can be used for AI systems, and the 256GB DRAM module optimized for big data and storage management.

The company’s System large-scale integration (LSI) division, showcased the Exynos 9820 to the Chinese clients, which is the latest mobile application processor optimized with artificial intelligence and can be used on high-end smartphones and tablets.

Following these semiconductor technologies, the company said its OLED will provide the best solution in terms of image quality, response speed and power consumption for new applications such as AI, 5G and IoT technologies.

Samsung expects, this forum will establish its cooperation with various AI partners in China and the industry will continue to expand demand for advanced component solutions.

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