Samsung has its own screen protectors for the Galaxy S10 series

It was recently reported that Samsung will bring its own screen protectors for the Galaxy S10 series and today a new leaks confirms that Samsung already have a stock ready to be released on February 20.

It has been seen previously that the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will feature Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and will not work with any kind of screen protector.

With that being said today, the tipster Roland Quandt came up with some confirmation on this matter that Samsung have its own screen protection solution this time for the Galaxy S10 flagship. The tipster also posted a product image (linked below).

Although, Whitestone Dome, a well known brand for screen protectors also claims that its screen protector will also work with the upcoming S10 phones and will be compatible with the fingerprint on display. Also, these protectors from Whitestone are currently on pre-sale on its official website.

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