Samsung gave a full feature tour of Exynos 9820

Samsung has already announced its Exynos 9820 processor that we’ll see featured inside the Galaxy S10 devices as well as the 5G model. Although, Samsung has detailed this SoC but today the company stretches its details even further and gave a full feature tour of the Exynos 9820 and its capabilities (Video below).

There are plenty of new things that chip is capable of but one of the most notable things that Samsung is promoting about, is its adaptation of Artificial Intelligence in this processor through an integrated neural processing unit (NPU) that claimed to help the processor to perform AI related tasks 7 times faster compared to its predecessor.

The company says “the processor to implement AI anywhere, anytime through its on-device artificial intelligence. With on-device AI, a mobile device can perform artificial intelligent activities with lower latency, better power efficiency, and stronger security than when utilizing the cloud.”

“It enables the mobile device to offer new and improved artificial intelligence features such as personal assistant services, augmented reality and enhanced camera functions.” it added.

This chip comes integrated with an LTE-Advanced Pro modem for fast mobile internet. Also, Samsung’s 5G Model Exynos 5100 can be paired with Exynos 9820 to support 5G network services.

Samsung also confirmed is its new security system as ‘Digital Fingerprint based security’ which possibly points at the Fingerprint on Display that top two models are expected feature.

Moreover, the Exynos 9820 support HDR10+ and 4K UHD display on a mobile device, for better multimedia experiences.

If you want to check the full features of Exynos 9820 please visit here.

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