Samsung Galaxy Tablets rank as the most durable devices for German Users

Samsung tablets have taken the top spot in a new product sturdiness survey from German warranty provider company Wertgarantie and statistics giant Statista. Both companies are well known for their trustworthy warranty solutions in the case of Wertgarantie, and verified statistics, in the case of Statista.

A survey has been performed on 11,140 German tablet owners and was questioned in this independent representative program titled ‘Tablet repair study 2018’. The final results show that from all of the leading tablet manufacturers, Samsung scored the highest regarding the durability of their tabs.

The survey reached to consumers that found Galaxy tablets robust in operating and can be repaired in lower costs while having any damages compared to other major leading tablet brands.

In the name of Long-Last Durability, Samsung has received excellent score obtaining an index average of 1.5 points in the latest tablet product section. Which is the best score of any manufacturer featured (the lower the score, the better).

The top four spots in the repair index filled with Samsung Galaxy tablets, including the Galaxy Tab 4 (7 inches) and Galaxy Tab A (10.1 inches) obtained the highest praise, with 1.1 points. While the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite received 1.2 points and Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7 inches) received 1.3 points.

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