Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teardown shows big battery, new improvements and low Repairability [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a most powerful Note device that Samsung has ever built and comes with the latest hardware specs including the new S Pen. So, after exploring its software specs, it’s time to explore the real hardware inside the Note 9 through a device teardown.

This teardown has performed by iFixit and completely disassembled the device, it said that the components and structure of the Note 9 are remarkably similar to its predecessor but there are few things to note.

The Note 9 is packed with 4000 mAh battery and according to iFixit, it’s a 3.85v and 15.4Wh battery which is a 2.69Wh increase from Note 8, battery measures at 87.7×41.5x6mm.

The repositioned fingerprint sensor allows its flex cable to be positioned as much less vulnerable to accidental slicing and dicing. Moreover, the heat cooling pipe has significantly had more surface area, providing more cooling than prior generations.

While docked inside the Note 9, the new S Pen charges via the sensing coils near the tip, the source also found a grey pad near where the coils reside when the stylus is stowed—possibly an inductive charging pad.

The Galaxy Note 9‘s Repairability score is 4 out of 10, which shows low possibilities of repairings because of the glued territory on battery and display sectors. Check out the complete teardown in the video below and for more information about the teardown and repair report visit here.

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