Samsung filed patent for flexible display device with multiple features

Samsung is not stopping fantasizing its fans over futuristic foldable screen patents, and now the company has filed a new patent at WIPO for its foldable phone screen that could also be used as a wearable and car navigation system. Let’s see what this patent cover for the future technology.

This patent was filed with USPTO and WIPO for an ‘Electronic device having flexible display’. According to the patent, this device functioned to work as a smartphone, tablet, and wearable.

The device in the patent features a 7-inch display that could be foldable into several shapes and consists of three parts, two narrow sections on the weather ends and a double as a long centerpiece. The two ends can be folded backward, in folded position the display is on the outside of the smartphone. The larger part will function as the main display id and other two are supportable. For an example the middle display work as a main screen and other two as keyboard one on the left and the other one on right.

This device will be built with a magnetic material so the foldable device could be placed in a car via magnetic holder on top of the dashboard to use it as a navigational system for traffic status. This device could take some 3D object shapes like a clock radio or such applications. And last but not least this device also be used as a smartwatch with fullscreen wrapped up around users wrist.


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