Samsung Experience 9.1 update brings improved and redesign emoji

Samsung Experience 9.1 emoji

Samsung has its own Emoji set, and now they’re getting a little better with new update. Samsung has begun rolling out new set of updates to its emoji set. These changes contain design revisions. The new update does not introduce any new emojis.

“The noteworthy changes littered amonsgt the 519 (most minor modifications) continue the emergent trends of Samsung Experience 9.0: faces being revised to better match other vendor designs.”

This update has begun its rollout across Samsung smartphones this month, and is expected to be included as part of the next revision to Samsung Experience – presumed to be Experience version 9.1.

Samsung’s last emoji update was in Feb. this year, when Samsung Experience 9.0 introduced Emoji 5.0 characters such as 🤩 Star-Struck and 🤪 Zany Face to Samsung smartphones.

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Samsung Experience 9.1 Emoji Changelog

Above: A comparison showing the unchanged 😀 Grinning Face for size comparison purposes. Image: Samsung / Emojipedia Composite.

If you want to check out everything that’s changed, head over to the full changelog here.

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