Samsung expands its HDR10+ Partnerships and Certification centers to bring more quality content

Samsung has announced its HDR10+ ecosystem expansion to 45 industry partners and the construction of a new certification center in China.

Samsung said, “The new partnerships with companies, from online streaming and content services to the semiconductor industry, will bring more true-to-life picture quality content to viewers and also expand the impact of HDR10+ technology across different market segments.”

June 2017, Samsung launched the HDR10+ certification and logo program in partnership with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic.

According to Samsung, HDR10+ is a next-generation standard technology for picture processing, which optimizes brightness levels and contrast for each scene, making bright areas brighter and dark areas darker to deliver a lifelike viewing experience.

To push this technology forward, Samsung has opened HDR10+ certification centers in South Korea, Japan, and the United States earlier this year.

The company said Amazon has increased the number of HDR10+ contents to some 1,000 this year from just 100 in 2017, with the company’s streaming receiver, the Fire Stick 4K, capable of showcasing the advantages of the HDR10+system.

While the Warner Bros. Entertainment has some 70 contents compatible with the latest HDR technology, while European content providers, such as Rakuten TV and, plan to launch next year.

Samsung plans to build a new HDR10+ center in China with TIRT, a national testing and inspection center for the Chinese consumer electronics, in December. The center is designed to help Chinese TV manufacturers, including Hisense, TCL and Konka preparing HDR10+ contents, the technology is expected to gain a bigger boost in the coming months and years.

Besides content providers, Samsung said leading manufacturers, such as Qualcomm Inc. and ARM have started using HDR10+ in their mobile devices, which can lead to greater use of the system around the world.

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