Samsung Display started Quantum Dot-OLED TV panel test production line

Samsung Display recently signed a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with Japan’s Canon Dockyard to develop QD-OLED test production equipment. Canon Docky has exclusively supplied 6G OLED deposition equipment for mass production to Samsung Display, and with this contract, it will be able to develop 8G deposition equipment.

In order to secure the next generation of large-scale display technology, it is necessary to deviate from the large-sized panel business limited to the liquid crystal display (LCD). QD-OLED equipment and materials, and plans to use the pilot line until the second half of next year

Pilot line is a pre-commercial production line that produces small volumes of new technology-based products or employs new production technology, as a step towards the commercialization of the new technology.

Samsung Display reportedly has begun collaborating with US inkjet printing equipment company. To produce devices that can print red (R) and green (G) quantum dot (QD) materials on a color filter (CF).

QD-OLED panel technology developed by Samsung Display uses blue OLED as a light emitting source, and colors of red and green quantum dot materials applied to a color filter are mounted on the blue OLED panel.

The QLED TV’s, which is mass produced by Samsung Electronics, has added quantum dot performance enhancement film (QDEF) to existing LCD TV panels. QD-OLED is regarded as a technology that can enjoy QD strength with high color reproduction ability based on OLED advantages.

“Samsung Display relies on LCDs because there is no sharp next-generation technology in the large-size panel business.” “If the QD-OLED is not successful in the inside, the future of the TV panel business is likely to disappear.”. An industry representative said.


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