Samsung’s Digital Cockpit 2019 is a work of next-gen driving solution

At last year’s CES, Samsung and HARMAN which is a Samsung subsidiary, introduced the ‘Connected Driving’ solution as Digital Cockpit and at CES 2019 the company brought enhancements to this cockpit with connectivity, personalization options, and safety compared to last years model.

The Digital Cockpit 2019, comes integrated with Bixby, so the driver can easily check the fuel levels and control the temperatures of the car from the home. Also using the using onboard cameras, the new Digital Cockpit recognizes specific drivers and passengers and sets up the car’s personal space accordingly.

In addition, this new Digital Cockpit is equipped with 6 screens to provide optimized personalized infotainment environment, which now supports In-vehicle Samsung DeX to get work done on-the-go by simply connecting their Galaxy devices to port in the car dock.

For safety measurements, the cockpit is packed with new safety systems such as the ‘Mirror Replacement Vision System’ and ‘Front-facing camera system’ keeps tracks of car’s surrounding objecting including still and moving and informs the driver about the activity, and to assist driver for safer driving.

Moreover, to keep track of driver’s behavior, the ‘Driver Monitoring System’ will transmit a warning sound if it detects dangerous behavior, such as driving while drowsy or sending text messages behind the wheel.

Overall, this driving cockpit is really an awesome piece of work by Samsung and Harman, which contains all necessary features to deliver a connected driving experience but it’s still unknown when will it be seen in a real car environment or which automaker will feature this digital cockpit in their automobile.

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