Samsung cinema LED ‘Onyx’ is now being used in nearly 10 countries

Samsung’s cinema LED Technology ‘Onyx’ is being used in nearly 10 countries, with the company increasing efforts to expand its global market presence, industry sources said Thursday.

This gigantic LED Cinema was first unveiled in Seoul Last Year, Onyx cinema LED has now expanded its entry in several other countries including the United States, Germany, China and other major markets.

After introducing Onyx to theaters in Seoul and Busan, Samsung tapped Thailand as the first overseas market for the new technology.

The Samsung Onyx theater is a LED display brand, designed exclusively for cinemas. The company said theaters the technology can offer customers brighter and more detail-rich content through “true, deep and realistic black colors” compared with screens using traditional projectors.

After reaching the U.S., China, Mexico, and Malaysia, and this month the technology made debut in Germany. Samsung said it also closing a deal with Austrian and Indian partners.

“There are more deals coming up other than the confirmed projects,” a Samsung Electronics official said, without going into details. “We expect the installation of Onyx will speed up as theaters around the globe are seeking to improve their facilities.”

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