Samsung ‘Audio Achords’, an app that helps Visually Impaired people Play Guitar

Samsung is a world-renowned brand which not only produces innovative products but also contributes to social welfare. Last month, Samsung Brazil announced the launch of Samsung Audio Acordes (Chords), a free app that helps visual impairments people to play the guitar in a practical and intuitive way.

According to Samsung, The Audio Acordes (Chords) initiative is part of Samsung Social, a project from Samsung Brazil that uses technology to unlock human potential and invites people to Do What You Can’t.

The Audio Acordes uses a voice system and acts as a facilitator for visually impaired people to learn to play the guitar. The app offers beginners an audio dictionary that teaches them how to play chords and can also tell users when to play which chord as a song progresses.

This app is really useful because it eliminates some of the barriers such as the need to know how to read braille, which is only understood by 10% of visually impaired people in Brazil, or having to stop playing every now and then to read the music with the same hands they play the instrument.

Samsung Audio Acordes is available on the Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets from version 4.4 onwards.

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