Samsung 2019 Smart TVs will get Google Assistant and Alexa support

Samsung is bringing lot more functionality and features in its 2019 TVs and will come with its Artificial Intelligence platform Bixby. But that’s not it, now the company is opening its TV environment for AI assistants from Amazon and Google.

According to CNET, 2019 Samsung TVs will get AI support from Google Assitant and Amazon’s Alexa that’ll power up these TVs to respond to voice commands according to AI setup.

Although, Samsung’s personal assistant Bixby will keep controls over the exclusive features specially designed for these TVs including remote-based voice commands and on-screen results.

Also, Alexa and Google assistant will be embedded for basic commands and will work as a bridge to work with related devices. For now, Samsung hasn’t announced that these functionalities will cross over to its last years TVs.

Samsung recently announced Remote Access support and the first time ever partnered with Apple to bring Itunes Movies and AirPlay 2 to bring more services directly to its TV ecosystem. And this new deal with Google and Amazon proved that Samsung is really dedicated to taking its TV environment on next-level.

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