Report: Samsung likely to adopt in-display fingerprint scanner for Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is still not sure on the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy Note 9 but should finalize its plans for the upcoming device in the coming days.

“Samsung Display has prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside of the main display, and both are seriously considering one of the solutions,” The Korea Herald’s Investor reported Thursday, citing people familiar with the latest developments at the firm.

“There is enough time for the display company to improve the technology to meet the handset maker’s expectations before the launch of the Note 9 in late August,” another source explained.

While Samsung traditionally finalizes the concept of its next Galaxy Note-branded device by this time of the year, around five months before flow production is scheduled to start, the Galaxy Note 9 project was delayed due to the fingerprint reader dilemma which is now set to be resolved by the end of the month, as per the same report.

“The delay in deciding on the final concept for the Note 9 is due to the work in adopting the in-display fingerprint sensor,” the source added. “A final decision on adoption of the technology will be made by this month.”

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