New features that comes with the latest update for Gear S3 and Sport

New features that comes with the latest update for Gear S3 and Sport
Samsung has started pushing Tizen 4.0 update for the Gear S3 and Gear Sport wearable, which not only brings the latest OS but also bring new features that enhance these gear devices with Galaxy Watch functions. The company has also announced that the new update will roll out in selected markets starting from January 21 and will expand to other regions in the near future. Although, we've already summarized the new features that come in this update but Samsung has also provided some highlights on what's this 'Value Pack' update brings.

Samsung rolling out Tizen 4 to the Gear S3 and Gear Sport

More Samsung Health:

The update features 20 indoor workouts, allowing the smartwatch to track 39 different types of exercise. Eight workouts are listed as default and users are able to customize the list to display their exercises of choice. The devices can also record two or more exercises consecutively and these back-to-back workouts are available to view at a glance immediately after a workout. This includes a new sleep notification that provides users to tap on “View Detail” for a more detailed breakdown of their sleep time, three-movement states and weekly record. With the addition of Sleep Widget, Samsung Health now also supports and provides sleep stages information.

New Quick Panel:

The Quick Panel on both of these wearable has also been updated and now displays eight settings, modes or icons at a time, and can be customized according to user preferences. Moreover, users can now choose from more items to display on the Quick Panel, including BT (Bluetooth) Headset and Find My Phone. The company has added two new modes in the Quick Panel Selection as 'Theater Mode' and 'Goodnight Mode'. Both modes help users to prevent disturbances during important events and Sleep by controlling specific features such as notifications, sounds, and screen brightness. Both cinema mode and sleep mode can be selected by setting as well as quick setting window.

Improved Communication Tools:

This update also brings new function for the Messages, where a user can now save a draft message and can edit later. Support for MMS has been also improved that helps users to view images of the MMS directly from the notification panel. Also, an automatic playback for animated images has been added. To add more functionality in the messages, Samsung added quick context and reply options directly beneath the message. The company has added 1500+ emojis, across nine categories and the support nine most recently used ones so users can respond to message with their favorite emojis at an instant. For the Calling feature that supported only by the Gear S3, now supports in-call multitasking with a capability to navigate away from the call screen to use other features and apps while ongoing call.

New Partnerships:

Samsung also said that it has also brought new partnership with fitness and lifestyle applications, such as Under Armour and Smart Caddie. And also includes apps for activity data management, favorites, and progress tracking programs.