Samsung details the specs for its first Foldable phone

Samsung details the specs for its first Foldable phone
At the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 held in San Francisco, Samsung gave more details about its upcoming Foldable phone. The company provided some specific details about its foldable phone displays during a panel at its developer conference. Samsung took the wraps off a dual-screen device that looks like a standard smartphone when folded and sports a modest 4.58-inch OLED touchscreen display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Samsung says it has a resolution of 840x1960, with a screen density of 420 dpi.

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However, the main display has a 7.3-inch tablet when the OLED panel is fully unfolded with a 4.2:3 aspect ratio. Samsung says the resolution is 1536x2152, with a screen density of 420 dpi. Other specs, such as those of the battery, and the exact date of the launch, were not released. "Compared to the Main Display, the experience is more ... optimized for focused and handy and quick access and interaction, to leverage the small screen," said Park Ji-sun, Samsung's senior engineer. When the device is unfolded, the Cover Display will turn off and go black, he added.

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Samsung is partnering with Google to create developer guidelines for the "best experience" on foldable devices. In the short-term, Samsung will release an emulator that will let devs test how Android 9 Pie-based apps behave with changing screen sizes. Starting with next year's Android Q, Google will add support for foldable and multi-screen devices, and there will be an AOSP emulator that will allow for more fine-tuned testing.

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