Samsung introduces HMD Odyssey+ with Anti-Screen Door Effect display technology

Samsung introduces HMD Odyssey+ with Anti-Screen Door Effect display technology
Samsung today announced a new advanced display technology for its Mixed Reality headset' in HMD Odyssey+, to improve its visuals and make it more immersive experience. In some displays, pixel distortion could lead to Screen Door Effect(SDE) which can triggers immersion and even lead to dizziness or nausea over time. While, HMD odyssey+ is packed with Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE) Display technology which accurately reduces irritating fixed-pattern noise and creates a perceived PPI of 1,233 PPI by applying a grid pattern structure to devices top layer panels, reducing space between pixels by almost 50% and providing seamless viewing experience. HMD odyssey+ features dual 3.5” AMOLED displays with a combined resolution of 1,440 x 1,600 per eye, improved controllers that now works as a flashlight to check your actual world's surrounding so you could be aware of them. Moreover, It comes with AKG’s premium audio technology with built-in 360-degree spatial sound support for 3D audio. With volume controls, you to easily adjust the volume and built-in array mics that supports Windows 10 Cortana support. The setup of Odyssey+ is simple and easy and works on plug & play, all you need to do is to plug the headset into a supportable PC via HDMI and USB ports, Once the connection is done it automatically launches the play mode. Check the full specs below.

Price and availability

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ will be available in the U.S.with the price tag of $499 starting October 22, 2018, at the Microsoft store and, and will be soon available in other regions including Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil.
Samsung HMD Odyssey+
Platform Windows MR, Steam VR Support
Display Dual 3.5in AMOLED, Anti-SDE
Resolution 2880 X 1,600 (1,440 X 1,600 per eye)
Frequency 60Hz, 90Hz
Field of View 110°
Sensors 2 Windows MR Cameras, IPD Sensor, G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity
Tracking Convenience 6DOF, Inside-out
Area 170°
Connectivity HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0
Audio AKG Premium Audio
Microphone Dual Array Mic
IPD Adjustment Yes
Convenience Adjustable Headband
Weight 1.3 lbs