What is Samsung Dex, how to connect it with Galaxy Note 9 and compatible devices

What is Samsung Dex, how to connect it with Galaxy Note 9 and compatible devices
Samsung introduced Samsung DeX with Galaxy S8 and received advancement in the new Note 9. Samsung DeX allows users to easily connect their Galaxy device to an external display and provides a PC-like experience powered entirely by their phone.

What is Samsung Dex?

Samsung DeX offers an Android-based, PC-like interface that allows you to access your phone’s apps, and adds comfort and convenience to viewing and editing documents and presentations, watching a favorite show or movie, mobile gaming, and much more. The DeX interface is easy to navigate and supports mouse and keyboard gestures such as shortcuts, scrolling, dragging and dropping, and various other optimization of working on a larger display. Which makes apps management very easy and allow to view their contents on a bigger size, without even losing phones actual functionalities like Calling, texts and Settings are all accessible via taskbar inside Dex mode.
Some important aspects to know before using Samsung DeX in your Galaxy Device.
  • Samsung DeX is supported on Galaxy S8/S8+, Note8, S9/S9+, Note9, and Tab S4.
  • Phones should be connected to an external display to use Samsung DeX.
  • Selected Samsung HDMI adapters/cables(Not included in the box) are recommended to use Samsung DeX.
  • Using Samsung DeX with an HDMI adapter or cable is only supported with Note9 and Tab S4.
  • Galaxy S8/S8+, Note8, and S9/S9+ could only be connected via Dex Station or DeX Pad (Not included with devices).

How to Connect

Samsung DeX allows multiple ways to connect your Galaxy smartphone to an external display including the previously introduced 'DeX Station and DeX Pad'. As well as new support for HDMI adapters. To get started, simply connect your Galaxy device to a monitor with one of those choices. The DeX Station and DeX Pad support multiple screen resolutions (up to HD+ and WQHD) and can open even more apps at once. Samsung DeX is also compatible with a number of USB and wireless accessories, including keyboards, mice, headsets and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAyPhHpDDaA

More convenient with Galaxy Note 9

Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 9 with new features and a new connectivity support for Samsung DeX, enabling users to enjoy a full Samsung DeX experience by simply connecting the smartphone to a display via compatible HDMI adapters. Samsung Dex's new dual-mode support enhances multitasking even further, allowing you to work simultaneously on your display and Note 9 such as watching a video on display while writing notes with the S Pen. Samsung DeX also lets you convert your smartphone as a touch keyboard, touchpad, or a surface for drawing with S Pen. The new Bluetooth enabled S Pen's integration with Samsung DeX allows you to take the full advantage of its new feature. And with its new remote control capability, the S Pen also functions as a handy clicker for delivering presentations on Samsung DeX-connected displays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFZ-zHOC1wg

First on a tablet with Galaxy Tab S4

Speaking of compatible devices, Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S4 is the first tablet to receive Samsung Dex support. Its 10.5-inch display supports standalone DeX mode and can also be linked to a larger display using an HDMI connector. https://youtu.be/ufAuTtB5mV4?t=136