Top accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Top accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung's new Note flagship Galaxy Note 9 has plenty to offer, though the Note 9 comes with a new S Pen, more storage, and improved battery life, this $1000 beast could also be enhanced even further with new accessories. Here are our picks for the Galaxy Note 9's top accessories.

Screen Protector:

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a huge screen size of 6.4 inches, and it could be better if you add an additional layer of protection to that beautiful AMOLED display. We made a complete list of our handpicked top screen protector for Galaxy Note 9. This list includes some of the top players in the Screen protector industry including Whitestone Dome, Spigen, Olixar, and others.
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Cover and Cases:

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with pretty tough design specs and if you want to make your note 9 stylish and safer than before, you may wanna look at a cover protection which we also covered in our top contender's list below.
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The list above including Samsung's Silicon View, S-View Flip, LED Wallet, Rugged, Leather Wallet, and Spigen Transparent covers and cases.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo

Charge up to two devices at once including your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with the official super fast wireless charging pad in black. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge and more time to do what you want to do with this official charger. Available on Samsung

Adaptive Fast Car Charger & USB-C Cable - Dual

A genuine Samsung adaptive fast dual USB car charger and 1.5m USB-C charging cable for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Incredibly stylish and fast, this charger is a must-have, thanks to its sleek design and super fast charging rates. Available on MobileFun

Samsung DeX Galaxy Note 9 USB-C to HDMI Cable:

With Galaxy Note 9, you don't a DeX Dock device to connect create a desktop environment but you still need an external dongle to and this is where it comes to play. This cable will transform your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 into a fully-featured, fully customized desktop PC with the all-new DeX cable from Samsung. All the functionality and power of a PC, right from your smartphone. Available on MobileFun

Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The Galaxy Watch is a perfect accessory for managing notifications and tracking fitness, and its rotating bezel makes navigating through the Tizen interface a joy. It comes in two sizes and available in three colors including Silver, Midnight Black, and Rose Gold. Check it on Samsung

PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC Card, up to 90MB/S

Samsung's 512GB microSD card is not available in the market at the moment, and if you're eager to use any other 512GB microSD card then PNY got a perfect solution that will fit on your expectations which cost around $350. Available on Amazon