Settings you may wanna tweak in the Galaxy Note 9

Settings you may wanna tweak in the Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with exciting new specs and a Bluetooth enabled S Pen. If you have bought the new Note device and wondering what things you should have to tweak first, you may want to look at these following settings.

Adjust the Screen Resolution:

The Galaxy Note 9 comes default on FHD+ (2220×1080) resolution and support up to WQHD+ (2960X1440) resolution. How to change it: go to Settings -> Display -> Screen Resolution -> Slide to WQHD+ -> Hit ‘Apply’. More resolution means more graphics process and more process means more battery use, so use it if only needed otherwise stick with the default FHD+ resolution.

Tweak the Navigation Bar:

If you think Note 9's Navigation bar needs some customization, you can do it by Changing the background color and button layout to add your personal edits. Navigate to Settings -> Display -> Navigation Bar, here you can change the background color of the navigation bar, change the button layout (repositioning), choose the pressure level for the home button and can also add a button to hide the navigation bar.

Customize the S Pen:

Note 9's S Pen comes with Bluetooth connectivity that works as a remote control that can be used to capture images, Launching Apps, controlling a live presentation and to also work as a media controller. To customize the S Pen just head towards Settings -> Advanced Features -> S Pen -> S Pen Remote, here you can change an option like long ‘Hold Down Pen Button’ to open an app remotely via S Pen as well app action for a certain feature.

Advance Features - Fingerprint Gestures and more:

The Galaxy Note 9 also comes with an advanced set of features that should also be in your watch.
  • One Hand Mode: Enable one-handed mode to reduce the display size for easy corner-to-corner access, go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> One-Handed Mode, Toggle to it ON or OFF.
  • Finger Sensor Gestures: It allows you to Open/Close the notification panel simply by Swiping up or down on the fingerprint sensor. To activate it go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Finger Sensor Gestures, Toggle to it ON or OFF.
  • Game Launcher: Game Launcher keeps all the games on your phone in one place and lets you customize its features so you can keep your head in the game, just navigate to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Touch 'Games' -> Game Launcher, Toggle to turn ON or OFF.
  • Dual Messenger: With this feature, Dual Messenger allows you to use two different accounts with one chatting app via Settings -> Advanced Features -> Dual Messenger, Toggle to turn ON or OFF.

Apps Full-Screen Mode:

This feature is unique on its own that allows you to stretch out a single app on to capture the whole screen of Note 9. How to use it: Go to Settings -> Display -> Full-Screen Apps -> Select the app by pressing the toggle switch from the given app list or just set it to all apps.

Customize your Off Screen display:

To customize Note 9's lock screen and Always on Display head over to Settings -> Lock Screen. From here you can choose different clock styles, add FaceWidgets which allows you add AOD widgets such as Schedules, Music Controls and more.

Apps Pair (Apps Edge):

Apps Pair is a very useful feature that shows the perfect use of Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch Infinity display, It lets you open two apps in split screen view in a sec. You can even pick your favorite combination of apps to open in split screen view and staple them together for easy access in Apps Edge. How to: From Any Screen -> Open Apps Edge by swiping left -> click on ‘+’ button -> Tap on ‘Create App Pair’ -> Select two apps from the list -> Tap ‘Done’. To use the newly created app pair just simply swipe the Edge Apps and launch the pair.

Screen's Color Customization:

You can choose a Screen Mode and can also optimize the color range, saturation, and sharpness of display by simply navigate to Settings -> Display -> Screen Mode -> Select a ‘Screen Mode’ that suits your eyes or choose ‘Advanced Options’  to customize color balance options.

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