More Fortnite exclusive content is coming for Galaxy Skin Owners

Fortnite is an amazing online multiplayer game for Android but the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users have the special privilege to get the cool looking ‘Galaxy Skin’ avatar, which will soon receive a new addon to its existing kit.

The Epic Games has recently released a new Galaxy Skin accessory kit for Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4, which includes – Back Bling, Glider, and a PickAxe.

The company is now planning to release new content exclusively for Galaxy Skin owners, which will be a called ‘Llama Spray’ (from Twitter) and a new weapon, currently unknown. Both items will wear the same Galaxy skin texture as Galaxy avatar and already existed items.

As for now, there’s no official confirmation on these images and when it will be added to the game.

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