Meet the new Samsung Bot, company’s latest robotic based platform

At CES 2019, Samsung presented a set of gadgets for the year that just have been started. And one of those gadgets includes Samsung latest robotics that the company presented at the end of its press conference.

The company said, Samsung’s new ‘Bot’ is based on next-gen hardware, software and AI technologies, designed to work for different solutions including – Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail, and Samsung GEMS helps.

Bot Care helps consumers manage their daily health routines, ‘Bot Air’ uses sensors to detect the source of pollution and purifies the quality, ‘Bot Retail’ personalizes ordering and paying ecosystem in malls and similar areas of requirement, ‘Bot GEMS’ assists with walking and helps improves the mobility of athletes to train better.

From these robotics platforms, Samsung gave a first public demonstration of Samsung Bot Care, which helps consumers manage their daily health routines. With its AI and robotics.

The Bot Care can measure blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, sleeping pattern and also check users health condiction suggesting users suitable medication.

For now, there’s no additional information about these bots and their availability but they’re currently being showcased on Samsung booth at CES 2019.

Please check the video below to see the Samsung Bot demonstration.

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