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How to watch YouTube on the full screen of Galaxy S8 / Note 8?

Youtube Full Screen

So How To Do It?:

Many users did not like the ‘floating’ full-screen test. And because more and more phones are smaller – or longer, but how you see it – YouTube creator Google was looking for a more elegant solution.

And that was found in the zoom. Zoom in? In the YouTube app? Well, indeed. It takes some getting used to, but in fact, it works very simply.

So: if you watch a video on your Galaxy S8, place two fingertips on the screen. Wipe them apart – just like you would zoom in on a photo, for example. The image is now automatically adjusted so that you can use the full screen of your device again.

Of course, you can also switch back to normal mode. Logically you just do that again by zooming out. In other words: ‘squeeze’ with two fingertips on the screen of your S8, and you immediately see the ‘normal’ image again.

As before, you obviously lose a piece of an image if you adjust the display to the screen size of the Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note 8. Finally, most content on YouTube is made for a familiar 16: 9 aspect ratio.

With the 18.5: 9 image of Samsung’s new devices, we have to cut, in the hope that things on the edge of the image are not important. And experience shows that that is also the case in practice. But that aside.

Whoever lost the ‘fullscreen key’ on the Galaxy S8 in YouTube now knows where he is headed. And how you still fill your entire display with your favorite videos.

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