[Updated] How to install Good Lock 2018 app on any Samsung phone running on Oreo

The latest version is Good Lock


Recently, Samsung has launched the Good Lock 2018 app a UI customization tool built on top of Android Oreo. Good Lock 2018 brings a series of new gadgets through a set of applications.

Note: Click on the links below to download these update directly from the Galaxy App Store.

Good Lock 2018
Edge Lighting
One Hand Operation
Sound Assistant

These apps are, EdgeLighting +, One-Hand Operation +, QuickStar, LockStar, TaskChanger, SoundAssistant, Routines, and Side Screen Touch. So let’s see how to install it on any Samsung device running on Oreo from any country.


    1. Download the APK files of Good Lock 2018 and other apps from here.
    2. These are the APK files as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Move all of the extracted APK files to the internal storage of your Samsung device.
  2. Using a file manager, navigate to the location where you have stored the APK files on your device.
  3. Install all of the APK files to your device one by one. Just tap on the file to start the installation.

How to navigate and customize it

  1. You will be able to see the icons for most of them appear in the apps drawer of your launcher.
  2. Simply open each app and simply follow the app tutorials to find out the way you can use a specific app’s features.
  3. Some of these apps won’t be visible in the app drawer so we still need to run them and use them. To do this, download the Quick Shortcut Maker app from the Google Play Store.
  4. Open the Quick Shortcut Maker app, and search for the app that you have recently installed (using the APK file). A list of that app’s activities will be displayed to you.
  5. Tap on the first activity link of the app to run the app and customize as you wanted, you have to follow the same process of icon creation for the evert app you install from above.


Good Lock 2018 received massive modules update, added new gesture and much more (Changelog)

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