Here is why Samsung will unveil Foldable Phone alongside Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Foldable Phone and Galaxy S10 are the upcoming phones that are premium products and different from each other, but instead of announcing two separate shows, these two devices are expected to appear at the same event next month.

According to TheBell, Samsung first considered holding separate events for Galaxy S10 and the Foldable Phone because both phones have their own grounds in the technology but later on this plan was changed due to the concern over consumer attention and market response, that’ll be difficult achieve just after the Unpacked event.

Also, the company wants to become the first to launch the Foldable phone, compared to its competitors who are speculated to introduce the category of techs during the MWC 2019.

So why not take advantage of ‘Unpacked 2019‘ and unveil the foldable innovation on the same date in front of the same crowd as Galaxy S10.

For the records, the Galaxy S-series devices are Samsung’s prior flagships that attract most of the consumers and sells most units annually, on the other hand, the Foldable phone is a completely new product and the number of units its manufactured units are around 1 million.

Although, the South Korean tech giant believes that each product is featured enough to attract every bit of the smartphone market.

Currently, Samsung’s teaser of Foldable Phone can be clearly seen at Unpacked Event promotions and a major source has also revealed that both will be launched at the upcoming Unpacked on February 20, 2019, in San Francisco.

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