Here is the first look at official Samsung covers for Galaxy S10 series

With the launch of every flagship phone, Samsung always launches its in-house range of protective covers and this year is the same. As the official covers for the Galaxy S10 phones have been recently been spotted in a hands-on video ahead of official release.

Complete specs of the Galaxy S10 series leaked

Today, A hands-on video from MobileFun on YouTube showed the first look at official Samsung protective covers for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. Although the covers are shown in the video only includes cover types of Leather and LED View. As Samsung possibly release Clear View, S View, Rugged and a Wallet Cover after the official unveiling.

It was mentioned that the side of the S10e cover features little wide gap for the fingerprint scanner. Also, the company has recommended removing these covers before using the Wireless Powershare feature. Although, there are no barriers to using Powershare while the cover is on.

Samsung has already confirmed the Galaxy S10 lineup will be officially announced on February 20 in San Franciso and the pre-orders are expected to begin by the next day of unveiling. While the phone will reportedly go on the shelf by March 8.

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