Here is some more information on Samsung Bot

At this year’s CES show, Samsung brought many new devices and technologies but one of the most interesting techs we found in Samsung’s gadget release that truly deserves to be called a futuristic innovation is named as “Samsung Bot” that brings the solution for different platforms.

The company said, Samsung’s new ‘Bot’ is based on next-gen hardware, software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies including Bixby, designed to work for for issues related to health care and the environment and unveiled in four different solutions as Samsung Bot Care, Bot Air, Bot Retail, and Bot GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System).

Samsung said in the press release, it will bring more customized robots for users with the same robotic platform based on AI.

“Our plan is to gauge consumers’ demand for robots, consider ways to create solutions for societal challenges, and accelerate our development efforts,” said Seung Hwan Cho, Deputy Head of Samsung Research. “People can look forward to the future that Samsung Bots will help create.”

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