Galaxy S9 Phones Top Consumer Reports Ratings

Again, and again – Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones are proving that, the upgrade is worth a look. The latest report by Consumer reports is claiming – both the Galaxy S9 smartphones sit on the top of platform ratings.

The Galaxy S9 smartphones offering improved security, emoji, and super slow-mo video features. Also don’t forget the durability, speed and top level sound quality.

Consumer Reports head of smartphone testing, Richard Fisco says: “It really comes down to personal preference when you’re talking about high-end phones these days,”.

Consumer Reports test the durability of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, they submit phones to 100 drops in a tumbler. The Galaxy S9 smartphones performed well. The Galaxy S9 made it through 100 drops with minor scratches, but the Galaxy S9 Plus faced some difficulties – survived first 50 drops but cracked at between next 50. Although, this is still good news – the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus displays were badly broken after 50 drops. We suggest you to protecting Galaxy S9 smartphones with quality/premium case.

Now it comes on performance, both smartphones feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. According to Richard, the overall speed of the phones is impressive.

“Apps open in a snap and mobile websites load quickly when you have a fast internet connection, and the phones don’t get bogged down by fancier features (such as gaming) that require lots of brain power.”

The sound quality is really good, both smartphones feature great stereo speakers. According to report, the speakers reproduce audio at a good volume and create a full sound quality, and they are small in size.

When it comes to location of fingerprint sensor location, the Galaxy S9 smartphones fingerprint sensor is located below the camera, which is better than their predecessors fingerprint sensor location. Additionally, the S9 and S9 Plus offer a new Intelligent Scan biometric option.

Moving forward, the report also explained some feature about Galaxy S9’s camera. Both Galaxy S9 smartphones have 12MP sensors – the Galaxy S9 Plus – one camera provides a wide-angle lens, and the second has a 2x optical zoom lens. Also an 8MP front camera.

The interesting thing, both smartphones can shoot pictures using tow different apertures, for bright light F2.4 or for low light F1.5 aperture. The report says the both smartphones proved to be a little better performance than their predecessors. Both smartphones feature bokeh effect.

The Consumer Reports testers penalized the phones for oversharpening photos, a technique used in many smartphone models in recent years, according to Richard, to artificially boost resolution scores. Doing this exaggerates the contrast between dark and light objects in the photos, potentially adding an unnatural-looking halo around the subject.

According to the CR’s smartphones camera ratings – the Galaxy S9 Plus is now on number 4, after the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8. The Galaxy S9 ranked 12th, 4 spots below the Galaxy S8.

Richard says it’s important to remember, though, that these days the cameras on almost all premium smartphones are very good. The Overall Scores of our top 20-rated smartphone cameras are separated by about half a point on a five-point scale.

Another important factor – battery capacity. The both smartphone battery is unchanged, Galaxy S9 has 3000mAh battery, the Galaxy S9 Plus has 3500mAh.

To find out exactly how long a phone’s battery can go, Consumer Reports uses a robotic finger programmed to put the phone through a range of tasks designed to simulate a consumer’s average day.

“The robot browses the internet, takes pictures, streams a video, uses GPS navigation, has a standby time while it does nothing, and, of course, makes phone calls. Your day-to-day battery life will vary, depending on variables such as how bright you keep the screen and how many apps are running in the background, but our results are a good way to compare phones.”

According to testing, the smaller S9 battery lasted 22.5 hours, down from S8’s 26 hours – the bigger S9 lasted for 24 hours, down from the 25.5 hours of the S8 Plus.

That shouldn’t come as a big surprise, given that they edge out the previously top-rated Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, released by Samsung in 2017. And those phones unseated Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge, released in 2016.

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