Galaxy S10+ enlisted on DxOMark as best selfie camera smartphone

Although Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with many new features but one the newest feature is its new dual lens selfie cam embedded inside the display and counts as the worlds first cam that shoots 4K photos. As DxoMark has now listed as the best selfie cam on the planet.

The Galaxy S10+ received first place position on the DxOMark Selfie ranking for its front camera with a score of 96. Which makes it the current most dominant selfie cam smartphone built for photos and videos.

DxOMark says for scoring and analysis in smartphone front camera reviews, DxOMark engineers capture and tests over 1500 images and more than 2 hours of video both in controlled lab environments and in natural indoor and outdoor scenes, using the camera’s default settings.

As for the tests conducted by the evaluator based on dual front camera’s Color correction, Focus, Image clarity, Noise reduction, Bokeh effect, and Flash pics.

The Triple rear camera of the Galaxy S10+ also received a joint number one position on the DxOMark Mobile ranking, with an Overall score of 109 (114 Photo score and 97 Video score), the highest score ever for a rear camera.

To evaluate smartphone camera performance, DxOMark looked at Galaxy S10+’s triple rear camera for Exposure and Contrast, Color, Autofocus, Texture, Noise, Artifacts, Flash, Stabilization (for Video), Zoom and Bokeh.

Although there are some pros and cons found in the camera that was mentioned on the website.

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