Galaxy Note 9: New Bixby voice-recognition system understands context better

Samsung showcased the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone last week, said Sunday the new device comes with an improved edition of the Bixby voice-recognition system, which understands the context better than the original version.

According to the report, the new Bixby is also better as it boasts better connectivity with other applications, providing users with a wider range of services. The original Bixby was considered to be less competitive compared with other voice assistants in terms of understanding spoken languages.

Samsung said the new Bixby, which is faster than the original, is capable of understanding context when having a dialogue with users. For example, a person can ask about the weather for today and ask further questions by simply saying, “What about tomorrow?”

Through the improved connectivity to applications, Bixby can find an Uber driver when a user says, “I wish to go to New York JFK International Airport.”

In South Korea, Samsung said users can ask Bixby to order a coffee if they pre-register Samsung Pay information on the Starbucks app. The company said it has specially made thorough preparations in terms of connecting to Samsung Pay.

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The new Bixby will be released through the Galaxy Note 9, but the upgrade will be provided on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy S9 series devices down the road. Also, the upcoming AI speaker Galaxy Home will come with the updated Bixby.

Samsung said it will soon open the software development kit to have more applications connect to Bixby, saying it will provide more details at the developer’s conference slated for November in the U.S. The company will also provide more details on Galaxy Home there.

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