Experts Committee defers on Samsung workplace report review, new deadline to review is April 20

April 17, Yesterday Expert committee sat down to review the controversial case report on Samsung Electronics workplace after the company has pleaded the government to review if there are any environmental assessment report on semiconductor factories contain trade secrets that need protection from public disclosure. But the committee hasn’t reached out to any conclusion and push the delay button.

The committee members, including researchers and academics, failed to review the report. “The committee will meet again as soon as possible to examine the reports in-depth,” said an official from the ministry. Ministry of Employment and Labor set a new deadline to draw a conclusion on this matter before April 20.

Back In February 2018, the Daejeon High Court ordered the Samsung Electronics to show the reports on its manufacturing lines, including in Pyeongtaek, Giheung, and Hwaseong, overturning the previous ruling of a lower court. But Samsung has continuously refused to show up on the matter and keep saying that the reports on firms need’s to be out of private and contains crucial information, which could reveal its secrets of competitive technology.


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