Deal: Amazon offering $100 discount on Unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+, get a 64GB Galaxy S8 for just $350 from Samsung website

Folks, we have two deals for you. One for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, and another one for Samsung Galaxy S8. You can pick any deal because both looking great.

First, the Galaxy S9/S9+ deal: Amazon is offering $100 discount on all the Unlocked Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ variants.

After the discount, you can get a 64GB Galaxy S9 for just $619.99 or the 64GB S9+ for $739.99. If you want to buy 128GB or 256GB storage variant – you will see the same $100 discount. All colors available on Amazon for the Galaxy S9/S9+.

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Second, the Galaxy S8 deal: You can get a 64GB Galaxy S8 for just $350 from Samsung website. Interesting? But, the deal has one condition, you have to select T-Mobile as your network, and you can pick the Arctic Silver model only.

The 64GB Galaxy S8 on T-Mobile will cost you $350. It is $250 cheaper than the latest $600 price (original price $750,) which means you’re paying $400 less than the launched price.

Additionally, you can save $150 on a Gear 360 camera by purchasing the Galaxy S8 phone.

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