Complete lineup of official Galaxy S10 series covers leaked, also information on Galaxy buds and Watch Active

We recently saw the first look at official Samsung covers for the Galaxy S10 series but they were only two and now the full range of this product line has leaked online.

This information about Galaxy S10 series covers is coming from DroidShouts, and the list of this lineup includes Clear Cover, Clear View Cover, Leather Cover, LED Cover, LED View Cover and Rugged Standing Cover.

To be mentioned there’s a red color cover added in this collection indicating the launch of the red variant in this smartphone series. The covers also include new patterns of cover skins and patterns.

Moreover, the leather covers have also included LED just like LED view covers. The source revealed that Samsung will also release screen protectors for these devices. Please check the complete lineup below.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Accessories:

S10/S10+ Clear Cover – Transparent
S10e/S10/S10+ LED Cover- Black, White
S10e/S10/S10+ LED View Cover- Black, White, Green
S10e/S10/S10+ Silicone Cover- Black, Green, Berry Pink, Blue, Navy, White, Yellow
S10e/S10/s10+ Rugged Standing Cover- Blue, White, Black, Silver
S10e/S10/S10+ Leather Cover- Black, Green, Grey, Navy, Red, White, Yellow
S10e Pattern Cover- White, Black
S10e Clear Cover- Black, Green, White, Yellow
S10/S10+ Clear View Cover Cover- Black, Green, White
Galaxy Buds color option – Black, White, Yellow
Galaxy Watch Active color options- Black, Rose Gold, Green, Silver

Check the complete covers renders here

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