Check out how Samsung “Space Monitor” manages space for the modern workspace

Samsung has recently unveiled its 2019 lineup of Monitors, made for the Content creator, gamers and the ‘Space Monitor’ for modern workspace.

The new Samsung Space Monitor comes with low bezels and slim design, that allows users to concentrate on what’s on the screen. So, what makes it different than the other monitor available in the market?

Samsung Space Monitor features an integrated clamp at the base of the stand that allows the device to be securely attached to desks and tables of various thicknesses.

With the help of Zero-level height adjustable stand (HAS) users can quickly and easily raise or lower the monitor’s screen to whichever position they like and can also be lowered to the desk surface. The monitor can be readjusted easily when a user isn’t using it, and simple to push back and store flat against the wall.

The Space monitor eliminates the hassle of cable management by integrating power and HDMI cords through the discreet cable management space right inside the stand.

According to Samsung, Compared to a conventional monitor of equivalent size, the Space Monitor offers users up to 40 percent more usable surface area, which makes it more maintainable in terms of desk management.

We think that this kind of new innovation in the monitor ecosystem by Samsung is quite interesting and could be responded well by the consumers.

The Space Monitor comes in two screen sizes including a 27-inch QHD (2560×1440) resolution and a 32-inch model with 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution. The Space Monitor is available to preorder now through January 11, 2019, over Samsung Official website.

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