Apple chose Samsung as its 5G modem option for 2019 iPhone

Samsung’s leading steps in the 5G industry are spreading wide, as the major mobile carriers in the US have already announced their partnership with the South Korean tech giant for 5G solutions and a 5G smartphone scheduled to launch in upcoming months.

And according to Reuters, Apple’s supply chain executive Tony Blevins said that Apple is in talks between the Samsung and other chip maker company Mediatek for the supply of 5G Modem chips for 2019 iPhones.

Between 2011 and 2016, Apple joined hands with Qualcomm as an exclusive supplier for network semiconductors and in 2016, Apple split the business between Intel and Qualcomm, but in 2018, Apple raised parted ways from Qualcomm and chose to go with Intel for its latest iPhone series.

As we’ve mentioned previously times that both companies are top rivals in the smartphone industry but business is a different perspective, as well as this is not the first time when both companies seize a deal with each other.

Blevins said that talking with Samsung, whose Galaxy and Note devices compete against the iPhone, is “not an ideal environment” for Apple, but that Samsung is currently the largest component supplier to Apple.

If this deal finalizes, Samsung will deliver its ‘Exynos Modem 5100‘ 5G chips to Apple, which will also power Samsung 5G smartphone in South Korea and other countries. It is also possible that the company may deliver something new as per Apple’s requirements.

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