Alleged images of Galaxy S10 shows the adaptation of ‘Cryptocurrency Wallet’

Samsung has brought something new for its 10th-anniversary flagship, that has recently shown in some pictures appeared online and pointed forward to the adaptation of ‘Cryptocurrency’ in Samsung devices.

These images came out from Twitter, that shows Galaxy S10 (SM-G973) equipped with a feature/application named ‘Blockchain Keystore’, which is a Cryptocurrency wallet that secure and manages blockchain private key.

As per the images, the setup page of this wallet app, greet with some information as “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.”

The app will allow a user to “Import an existing wallet” to import cryptocurrency from the previous wallet and another option is “Create a new wallet” that will create a new wallet for the user.

The current state of this feature shows a limited number of supported cryptocurrencies including ‘Etherium’, which may soon be expanded to more, such as Bitcoin. Also, it is expected that this new feature will be introduced with the launch of Galaxy S10.

Samsung has booked the launching of Galaxy S10 series on February 20, 2019, in San Francisco and it is reportedly confirmed that the Foldable phone will also be launched on the same stage.

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